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The biography of Eugenio Aringhieri CEO of Dompè

Eugenio Aringhieri is Group CEO Dompé, Italian biopharmaceutical company.

Since 2007, promotes the reorganization of the Group’s functional and gives impetus to a new industrial project company with the goal of making the Dompé a science-based company recognized internationally.

To this end, consolidates our partnership with Amgen – Amgen Dompé through the creation of a JV joint where he is currently President – reinforces the Group’s commitment to research and promotes a strategy of targeted investments in companies that can express particular dynamics on the front therapeutic innovation. Strategic results obtained with the full conviction and support of President Sergio Dompé.

In 2010 he was appointed Vice-Chairman of the board of directors of Philogen, Italian-Swiss biotech company focused on the development of biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and certain eye diseases, including Dompé is the reference shareholder .

In 2011 he joined the Board of Directors of AAA (Advanced Accelerator Applications) leader in the field of molecular medicine, focused on R & D and production of radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging and personalized medicine.

Also in 2011 he became Chairman and CEO of Anabasis, Italian biotech company that develops innovative medicines based rhNGF (whose discovery earned him the Nobel Prize to Professor Rita Levi Montalcini) for the treatment of serious eye diseases currently no treatments effective, which Dompé has completed the acquisition in February 2012.

Institutional positions:

Since 2012 he has been Chairman of the Group of Biotech Farmindustria.

Since 2011 he is Vice-Chairman of the Audit Committee for the Code of Ethics Farmindustria and Member of the International Board of EBE-European Bopharmaceutical Enterprises.

Eugenio Aringhieri, Toscano, holds a degree in Pharmacy from the University of Pisa. Married, two children.

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