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The Biography of Brunello Cucinelli

Born in 1953 in Castel Rigone, near Perugia, from very humble family, the father first farmer then skilled worker and his mother a seamstress at home to Luisa Spagnoli.

He lived the first fifteen years of his life in the country, then passing through town, where he attended the institute for surveyors and later enrolled in the Faculty of Engineering where he attended for three years with poor results with a single exam given descriptive geometry .

After leaving the University, in ’74 and is dedicated to the business and to pursue the idea that he would become in a few years the king of Italian cashmere in the world: Just before the 80’s in Italy cashmere was the prerogative of men: Coats and jackets, above all, Cucinelli has an epiphany and has a small collection of cashmere colored female, made a mini-lab consists of 40 square meters inside the garage of his parents’ house.

Invests all his money in setting up small collection, just fifty sweaters, and part of the Trentino-Alto Adige where it can sell successfully to a group of local enthusiasts.

From there began his career as an entrepreneur, founded in ’78 Brunello Cucinelli based in Ellera Corciano, in the province of Perugia.

Since the beginning, begins to make the most of its sales through exports, especially to Germany.

The first expansion of the product takes place in the mid eighties when Brunello Cucinelli acquired a shareholding in Rivamonti, a company specializing in the creation and production of knitting wool whose products are then enriched with the addition of silk and cashmere yarns, so by coming to support the line “Brunello Cucinelli.”

Then, thanks to the aid of the 84-85 gave the Italian government to facilitate exports, the company is able to finance its growth.

The road is now down and the company increases sales and orders of the day, 85 Cucinelli cashmere brings its high-end luxury market in the largest of the world: America.

To promote the expansion of international sales of knitwear products from Brunello Cucinelli, at the end of 1986 was established for the Brunello Cucinelli USA Inc., as wholesaler and importer in the United States of cashmere garments.

After just ten years, Brunello Cucinelli now has 30 employees and 10 billion lire in sales.

Given the new size of the company decided to move to Solomeo, also in the province of Perugia, where he bought the fourteenth century castle, which became in 1987, the new headquarters of his company.

Always lead to knowledge, is dedicated to the humanities, with special dedication to the philosophy and begins the task of recovery and redevelopment of the old town areas dedicated to meeting and making art.
Does create a complex architecture and landscape, called the Forum of Arts, where where, under the auspices of the Foundation Brunello Cucinelli, were made: the theater, the amphitheater and the Academy Neoumanistica with the valuable library.

In the early nineties Brunello Cucinelli enter into Gunex, adding that the cashmere knitwear brand Brunello Cucinelli and knitting wool brand Rivamonti, pants and skirts brand Gunex.

In 1994 he launched the first men’s collection brand Brunello Cucinelli and opens the first store in Porto Cervo.

It is the beginning of the twenty-first century that defines the creation of product bid on a total look, in addition to the core business represented by cashmere, producing collections of apparel and accessories and is now one of the most respected brands in the luxury sector and sport-chic fashion.

Since 2005, the development strategy of the focuses on the opening of flagship stores infranchising is directly controlled (DOS), in Italy and abroad.
In particular, the stores that are open are located in the most prestigious streets of the main Italian and foreign cities and in some of the most exclusive resorts. Among the flagship stores managed directly include those diMilano, Paris, New York, Miami, Madrid, Capri, St. Moritz and among those franchised stores in London, Tokyo, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sylt., Cortina, Saint Tropez.

Starting from the autumn / winter 2011/2012 the brand and the brand Rivamonti Gunex cease to be used and the best of the Group is represented by the only brand Brunello Cucinelli.

The group currently has 783 internal employees and external collaborators of 3000 led to a turnover in 2012 amounted to approximately € 279 million by exporting about 73% of the production is entirely made in Italy.

On April 27, 2012 debut at the Milan Stock.


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