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Biography of Massimo Cellino

Massimo Cellino was born in Cagliari in 1956.

Son of a wealthy business family of Sardinia, the father Ercole Cellino Sem founded the group in Sardinia is the most ‘important industry processing and marketing of agricultural products. The history of this company is similar to that of many others, characterized by a man from scratch and with determination and obstinacy, began its activities with the few resources they had: turning a ramshackle truck to pick up on the plains of Campidano Wheat, who worked in the mill of his wife’s family in Sanluri.

L ‘Empire of Cellini and’ then developed over the years’ 70 with a series of international operations. Six companies’: Stipa, milling, and the Magu, animal feed and New Sassaresi Durum Wheat Semolina, the Service Port, the Cogefar (building) and Transgrain France (international trade).
Ercole Cellino had five children: Lucina, Albert, George Ross and indeed, most, that gradually replace the father in the operational guide.

We return to Massimo Cellino, diploma in accountancy, he attended for a few years the Faculty of Economics and Commerce.
He interrupted his studies, he began working in family businesses. From 1978 to 1983 he was sent by his father “to gain experience in Australia in order to follow the affairs of the company. Here establish profitable contacts with the major local producers of cereals.
Back in Sardinia, Boero wife Francesca, daughter of a well-known candidate to host the regional “Forza Italy,” and they had three children (Hercules, Edward and Eleanor) and devoted himself full time to the family of companies, restructuring the organization of Domestic sales of Sardinia.
In his spare time he enjoys Massimo Cellino also with great success in ‘particularly in the rally car racing and gambling stakes every weekend in Monaco.

In 1988 he took over the management of the Group concludes Cellino and major supply contracts with some North African countries.

The group had been reached, thanks to Massimo, the sizeable annual turnover was about 400 billion old lire. The companies also formed an important resource for Sardinia in terms of employment, 450 direct employees and about 1,200 workers industries.

In the years between 1980 and 1990, Max set up and maintain firsthand some foreign companies that, by their nature and name, had been set up to give support to the Group Companies Sarde.

The Group has over the years diversified its commercial interests and business, but its main activity is the marketing and processing of cereals. Today it can be counted them among the major flour mills in Europe.

In June 1992 we have the historic entry into the football that counts, buying Newcastle United from the family Orrù, small business architects of the miracle of the climb from C to A in the Sardinian team.

In 1994, the Centre is achieving Assemini Ercole Cellino. This is a sports complex with soccer fields and facilities in the grass of excellent quality, which will host the first team and the training of youth. A real gem that has the admiration of the most important Italian football clubs.

For the successes achieved in the economic-industrial, in 1994 the American College Columbia University New York NY awarded him an honorary degree in Economics, which is very proud.

Around the end of the nineties will open a parenthesis in history gray business Massimo Cellino, coming into the court record in 1996 when he was arrested together with his sister Lucina, for fraud complaint to the EU on the purchase of stocks of grain less than the existing ones. Probably the attention was focused on the group because of the popularity gained from ownership of the football team, his father Ercole Cellino was not frowned upon ‘s purchase of Newcastle United by claiming that: “For our work the’ image counts for little, to show it can ‘do more’ harm than good. ”
The criminal proceedings will be completed until 2000, when Cellino negotiates a minimum sentence, compared to the original. Cellino will still be sentenced to 1 year and 3 months imprisonment in 2001 for false accounting, in a proceeding arising from that relating to the alleged fraud by AIMA.

The commitments and responsibilities in accord with those companies hurt the Company’s Newcastle United and, between 1998 and 1999, he resigned from the positions they hold within the family businesses, which he gives to his brothers in a balance sheet and financial rather than flourishing, despite the serious difficulties and vicissitudes through which the Group.

After leaving the companies in Cagliari Calcio pours all his energy and great wealth of experience in its business activities.

When handling Cellino, Cagliari dispute 12 Serie A (with a 6 º a 9 º and three 10 º places like best positions, and two relegation), 5 samples of B (two specials), reaching a semifinal of UEFA Cup 93-94 season and two Italian Cup semi-finals (1999-00, 2004-05), but also has earned a reputation as “eat-coaches” in almost 18 years of management have come and gone as coach of Cagliari as many as 20 coaches , for a total of 28 changes even on the bench.

Currently also holds the post of vice president of Serie A Lega Calcio. Covered in 2006 as president pro tempore of the same.

Since 2005 he lives in Miami. Even in Florida has found a way to demonstrate the passion for football. In 2007 has established a youth football team, the “Cagliari Strike Force”, which assumed the colors rossoblu and intentions should become a branch of Cagliari. An investment in a virgin land for football. The new team has already achieved excellent results in the local area.

In early 2010 Massimo attracted the attention of the press with a news bomb, “the ongoing negotiations for the purchase of West Ham. Then when the deal seemed to come off now here’s the denial, the English football team will go into the hands of the couple David Sullivan David Gold (former owner of Birmingham) who have paid the equivalent of 57 million euro for 50% of company, plus the assumption of debt.

In March 2010, Massimo Cellino tries again this time with a team of “Championship”, the English second division, the Crystal Palace, the historic club and one of the oldest in the world (has 140 years of history), which would cost infinitely less than West Ham because in Serie B and it is in receivership, with the owners to sell the provisional prices.
But even if this attempt fails, tries again with the QPR (Queen’s Park Rangers), the club from Briatore bought a couple of years ago and already sold by the Italian billionaire, who has maintained a share. Everything could be resolved during the summer months.

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